you can sit with us

all photos via instagram @dirtyflaws

see that ? 
up above?
thats what heaven looks like in bushwick.

last week durning the godspeed 45/06 show at the great frog,
my friend katie ( k/ller ) introduced me to sara samoiloff - 
and i can't even begin to tell you what its like to meet someone who 
j u s t   f u c k i n g  g e t s  i t.
( case and point all the photos above - 
hands down the sickest spot in new york filled with 
 treasure chests of rubies,crystals and thorns )

from one rad designer to the next, my skull is about to explode between
the amount of jewelry I've been exposed to this month.
its a damn shame i only have two arms and 10 fingers.
I'm running out of......SIKE!! 


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