id be lying to say I've been here and its the raddest spot in williamsburg 
( i only get a pass because i was working late the night of the opening :( ) -
so ill leave it to everyone i spoke with who has been and guess what?
its the raddest spot in williamsburg

ill let the photos to do the talking

242 wythe avenue no7 
williamsburg brooklyn new york


O D Y S S E Y said...

I think I could live in that shop..

Angela said...

Hey Nikki! Thanks for the info on NYC. -I passed this store, didnt go inside unfortunately. But my buddy lives in Willamsburg and its oh soo cool! BTW, we chilled in the LES most of the time. What a place to vist, I could totally live in NYC :)

dirtyflaws said...

@angela - !! so glad you had a good time !! let me know next time you swing through xx

Angela said...

I'm shooting for early October. 5 days wasn't enuff. So much more to conquer next time around. We should chill when I return :)