e.w. 1

crept over to oracle fox this morning and was stoked to see 
erin wasson in the new one teaspoon campaign, lovecats.
love her , love them .
and love my one teaspoon bandit shorts - fucking living in these bad boys.


marinecoe said...

I love Erin, she's so beautiful!


electric feel said...

such a beauty. what a great combo OF and erin!

Unknown said...

this is really gorgeous! i missed ur blog!!! i can't believe i havent followed u yet!! pls follow me back if u like mine too, it's fashion + humor + obscenity! u're gonna love it lol

xx nathan.niche

can't decide on whether or not to get the new PROENZA SCHOULER PS11 bag, comments and help please:

London Escorts said...

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Ahuti Sharma said...

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