were baaaaaaaack

so anyone that keeps up with this bullshit knows a little over two months ago i moved to a new URL. 
it was a good short run but lets face it - i missed my old lady . 
tumblr was fun - but maybe for something different . something new.

so now that we are back together here i'm recycling some shit over 
maybe its new for you , maybe you saw it in tumblr land - ill start fresh again monday xx

follow me on instagram ( its a lot of photos of my one eyed dog and fur - whatever )


Anonymous said...

Good to hear! It's easier to follow your posts and content here! Love your aesthetic & blog. Cheers!

ole thomas said...

have to say you made a good decision, the blog is a lot easier to follow up on here. and the archive system is a lot better too. even how much we agreed on tumblr being marvellous. haha
love from oslo

Anonymous said...

Oh thank god! haha I'm so not a fan of tumblr. Glad to see you back!

Angela said...

Much Better. Keep it RRReal, girl.. Real. Much love