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last week before shit hit the fan in ny,
 i popped by the new odd store located conveniently one block away from my place - 
between one of the ultimate babes jessica love blasting on the leather screen in back,
 to the wicked assortment of fur vest and jacket pieces ,
 i was really fucking impressed with how much sick shit was inside.
i had been to the store when it was uptown 
but sometimes you need to get downtown to really get into the groove - 
and this shop has made itself right at home in the les

164 ludlow street
(between houston and stanton)

all photos via @dirtyflaws on instagram 

stevie wool

I'm going fucking hard in the hat game these days -
 i guess thats what happens when you freak out one winter and shave your fucking head oops - starting fresh I've actually got enough hair for a pony and the color is pretty fantastic !  but now wearing a hat with hair is like a whole new ball game - 
next up, the stevie wool wide brim from nasty gal ! 



renegade moon

i am really REALLY bummed not to be able to be in austin for this 
( little jenny - next time we are going!  )

look at this fucking line up :
sisters of the black moon, adelina mictlan, bandit band, 
squashblossom vintage, heyoka leather - 
you ladies are k i l l i n g m e.

have a fucking blast - drink one, or two ,  for me xx

if you are in or around the austin area this is N O T to be missed :

all women are bad.






photos via contributor magazine 

starting off this week on lock down thanks to hurricane sandy -
but with one incredibly sexy badass shoot of the sultry milagros schmoll
 stylied by emeline piot ( who in my book is fucking genius with all looks provided )
topped off with the eerily seductive photography of pierre dal corso.
vintage galliano , ysl and that goddamn fur by quentin veron.
wrap it all up - its coming home with me.

hips , tits and gators on the lips.
i n l o v e.




one morning i woke up and decided i wanted to run.
and i wanted to run a lot.
so i ran new york in a pair of the worst god damn sneakers i have ever owned.
i quickly realized a relationship between us would never work.
so i said PEACE BITCH and invested in these NIKE IDs.

so nike, id like to thank you 
 because you look so fucking good its not hard 
to want to put you on every morning and run. 
my legs look good, my ass looks better and i love you all the more for it.


ps. im not even mad you wouldn't let me put DIRTY as an ID 
( although i tried some other words that were far more fucked than that
 - whatever - drop the vowels and all ends well. )


d i l l i g a f • i r l

tamara santibanez - pretty much obsessed with everything going on 
in this photo i snapped of her at the show x 

last nights opening reception for DILLIGAF was exactly what i pictured 
in my head before meeting up with zana to head over. 

a lot of extremely talented fucking people, 
surrounded by even more rad artwork 
-  denim vest to leather jackets , pen point shirts to vengeance at its finest.
wall to wall good vibes, meeting new friends and reunited with old ones xx

if you missed last night you got 48 hours to make it through 
604 east 11th street
ny ny 10009



all photos - @dirtyflaws on instagram 


k/ller at michele varian




all photos via instagram @dirtyflaws

popped into michele varian in soho last night to see 
the incredibly killer k/ller collection ( see what i did there ) 
i love katie and micheal and am always stoked to see what they've got up their sleeves, 
or around their neck, 
and last night proved that i better get it together 
and start saving from some serious sick metal.

also , michele varian - 
why am i the last person to know about this store?!
I'm ten deep in random housewares photos on my phone - 
between porcelain cow feet placeholders to hands of reasons popping out of the wall,
i made an entire christmas list within 15 minutes.
get down there 


27 howard street
new york new york 10013



Distressed, destroyed and embellished.
Disaffected youth everywhere can attest, 
in an increasingly cookie-cutter world, 
few things express individuality and nonconformity 
better than customization worn on one's back and sleeves.
To introduce its new space, an incubator for creativity, 
ALLDAYEVERYDAY will present a number of unique jackets, 
as customized by talents from the colliding worlds of art, fashion and music.

Featuring work by:
Claire Barrow
Gio Forfex
Erik Foss
Othelo Gervacio
Jack Greer
Patrick Griffin
Alexander Heir & Tiffany Jet Ng
Lyz Olko
Tamara Santibanez

october 27th & 28th

604 East 11th St
New York, NY 10009
Inquiries 212.625.8844

so fucking stoked for this xx

high voltage


for a split sunday second the weather was p e r f e c t.
( perfect for me is below 55 with requirement of some sort of coat or jacket )
walked the new york city streets in some of my favorite pieces.
rick owens leather thighhigh turbo boots, dvf goat fur vest 
and the infamous mayhem shirt i wore to the helmut lang show .
( the rumors are true - i scored this shirt for a few quarters 
and its valued at some peoples rent ) 
doing a little research on the shirts you find can lead to some incredible
fucking stories , and possibly a huge cash out. 
sorry y'all - dont see this one leaving my closet anytime soon
but i'll let you know if times get tough x the beauty of finds 

for more photos follow dirtyflaws on instagram!




i'm not really interested in what's in your heart





 just babin' it in the fast lane
furs and all .

lignes de fuite
vogue paris november 2012
© glen luchford

photos via tfs



we are down to the final hours.
there is still a little time left for you to get your hands on it.
because once its gone, 
its really gone.
and i don't share.




workin' on our night moves

hey y'all - thats my kitchen and half my living room  

I'm actually really embarrassed to be posting a photo of myself, 
taking a photo of myself in the mirror 
but when you're living solo in the city sometimes its the only way to get a shot 
and i was really into this outfit xx
a little monkey fur with a long sleeve high collar lace dress and heels.
who is this woman?!

spent the evening with my brothers celebrating 10 amazing years of atelier new york 



freyja • a dirty exclusive

i have been waiting to post this story since jeff showed me a sneak peak a few weeks ago -
stylezeitgeist had their launch party last night so now i can officially blast the fuck out of this spread.

*jeff - you blow my mind with every single photograph 
and I'm super stoked to share these with everyone - 
 can't think of a better editorial to finish off this week

photography © jeff elstone
model - christina kruse
styled by james rosenthal

* im a true broken record when it comes to this subject but PLEASE
if you remove these images from this site, 
please note your source.

Jeff Elstone is an incredible human being ,
 a close personal friend, and obviously an extraordinary photographer.
nothing pisses me off more then seeing these images float around
tumblr land , or any other blog for that matter, without his name directly attached.



urban warrior

 photography © renata paskal / model alexandrina turcan
photos via fashioncopious 

really reeeeeeeeeally love the new pas du tout campaign -
maybe because at this point I'm just trying to g e t  t o  t h e  w o o d s. 
greg manis - are we working on this or what?


cutout criss cross

I've seen a few variations of this boot floating around the internet
 - but this price point might be the best - and they look pretty fucking good.
no worries if your size is out now - looks like a re order is on the way 

crocodile wrap pointy boots - pixie market 



the wild unknown tarot set • bonadrag.com
insanely beautiful 
get your hands on this. 

follow dirtyflaws on instagram - @dirtyflaws



i gotta start checking my email regularly - 
i am missing out on the release of shit I've been waiting to see for awhile .
and lets be honest - film shots are great, but 9 times out of 10 
its the trailer that ties everything you've heard/seen together.
with that being said - IRL !

sky is a babe, damien echols has had my full support for years,
and if you are unfamiliar with genesis p orridge
 i suggest you get familiar.



siyah kugu

because it really doesn't get much more badass than this.

benny horne.
melissa stasiuk.
vogue turkey.

photos via tfs


one card only

apparently this shit was released in july but i never saw it till this morning
thanks to my friends over at thegreatfrog nyc posting it 
on that little social networking site you may have heard of called Facebook 
 - so yay for new videos at 8 am !

motorhead x tgf


rattle x 2

there is no denying this might be one of the sickest snake skin jackets .


 gareth pugh / available at ssense 

m. alchemy

spent the morning revisiting some of my favorite etsy shops, including midwest alchemy 
- tons of new pieces id like to get my hands on xx

midwest alchemy


you've hit the motherload

my inbox was flooded this morning thanks to this rad bit 
from the lovely crew over at jeffrey campbell .

talk about a dead on write up for the site - thanks hillary !

love y'all x thank you 



nothing like a wendy nichols video on style.com to start the week.
( and some lovely screenshots i took to throw up all over the place )
man i love what she's doing - gotta make it into the shop soon 


click the photo below to check out the video on style.com