the brutal way


finally got my hands on the new stylezeitgeist - volume 3.
for starters - JAMIE FUCKING BOCHERT on the cover.
H E L L O.
When the hell is she not killing it?! 
runway, editorial , everyday regular real life. 

all photos via dirtyflaws on instagram 

available at patron of the new - 151 franklin street - ny ny 10013

and as issues past, this one is filled yet again 
with some of the most rad and talented people i know - 
and now including my dear friend derek gallen.
I've known dereks heart was in writing for awhile but his piece, the brutal way, 
is - how do i put this - FUCKING AMAZING.  and coming from a chic whose main reading interest are 
true crime, true crime and true crime, id say that means a lot if i read the entire thing. 

I know my excitment usually involves an extremely 
colorful vocabulary but guess what? 
thats why i write on this site and you dont 

derek - i love it & i cant wait to read more xx

eugene, danny, derek and the rest of the team at SZ - killer fucking issue yet again

all photos via dirtyflaws on instagram 


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Unknown said...

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