no regrets x

last week i attended the launch of stylezeitgeist volume 2 at the one and only atelier new york.
i knew without a doubt it would be another outstanding publication ( and party  ) 
but i had no idea one of my personal favorites 
had a feature spread - aoi kotsuhiroi.
 (anna frost & irina salimov did a fucking fantastic job )

aoi has been a huge part of dirtyflaws for years, in fact since the very beginning, 
and she has unknowingly played a tremendous roll in the shaping of this site.
getting to know aoi and her work via email , i can honestly
say she is one of the most inspiring females i have ever featured and
i'm forever grateful to own pieces of the chapters.

 special thank you to k, c and the a crew 

square horn in silence

amy glenn - notjustalabel 



still life

never been much of a handbag lady
personally id much rather take my wallet, keys and go. 
however totes - totes i can do.
and this one is fucking perfect. 
blackbird crew is really killing it over there in seattle. 

  still life corpse paint tote / blackbirdballard


america still likes me

photography © jeff elstone 
( if you are going to rip these for your tumblr please
 for the love of all that is holy note your fucking source )

based on joseph beuys, 
this breathtaking set was my wake up call this morning
jeff  - you never let me down brother.




© cicero deguzman • godspeed 45/06

work magazine did a really great article on
 personal friend, designer and all around rad dude austin sherbanenko . 
his brand odyn vovk is no stranger to this site or my skin.
best threads in town

check it out here 
the work magazine blog


voodoo hun

drop everything you are doing. 
leave this page.
 and go here
whats contemporary • michele lamy
with love , more then you will ever know




these are a few of my favorite things.....in april......

blood ox blazer paired with corpsedeath , j brand boa jeans , 
distressed zara heels ( the only heels i own ) , oh look.... I'm not dead.
odyn vovk socks, nothings shocking FIRST RUN, lone wolf on the pointer and two pretty rad dudes xx

new zealand hands

beautiful display of craftsmanship from one of my favorite brands, deadly ponies. xx

layers flood

another major drop at layers 


no 101.

quartz , teeth, crystals and glass.
san diegos finest 

  the solarium / etsy



lost my neck - still can see that hole in my nose from that xtina style ring

finally found what i was looking for - the one time i wasn't even looking.

i was always on the lookout for something that resembled the 
ann demeulemeester sirio leather beauty 
but for about $1500 dollars less ( sorry girl i just can't afford ya )

and when i least expected it, i came across this oversized madrid wool hat online 
and made a "fuck it" purchase.
I'm really happy I did.

a toast - to our greatest " fuck it " purchases.


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your every wish

© diego indraccolo - schon #17
  pretty set on this osman dress xx


because every boobie needs a hand

couldn't think of a better reason to get tattooed

saturday april 21st
thicker than water
181 avenue b
new york 


the direction of the eye, so misleading - NSFW


© knoepful & indlekofer - vogue germany 5.12


a brave new dawn

never felt so good to be a low life.
cobra lord 

on a side note , i walked by a girl in a mid drift today with
one of the most extensive pieces of body jewelry i have ever seen in my life.
are belly button rings the new septum? 



 robert geller ss12 
© tetsuharu kubota via coute que coute


killcity let me down for a minute when they stopped making the best real black denim ever. 
but i think i can fully forgive after seeing this cut out leather jacket.
still not the jeans by a long shot though , what the fuck happened to those ?




file this under the most beautiful skirt in the world 
ann demeulemeester




i do not need another pair of boots. i do not need another pair of boots. 

  damir doma light grey buckle boot