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e.w. 1

crept over to oracle fox this morning and was stoked to see 
erin wasson in the new one teaspoon campaign, lovecats.
love her , love them .
and love my one teaspoon bandit shorts - fucking living in these bad boys.


is it winter yet?

i love you. 
i always have and i always will.
and for reasons like this.

simonetta ravizza • short fox fur coat



ovate x bloodmilk x ellen rodgers
triple power / triple threat


for all seasons

I've been talking about getting a pair of guidi boots since the beginning of time.
so far its just been a lot of talking HOWEVER maybe, just maybe, these will be it

his song is the only song

lone wolf magazine issue 3 
 photography © tania alineri



really into this acne mape cropped leather biker jacket 
i found while messing around on net-a-porter.


if i were a boy

nah fuck it - in love with my blood ox sig 13s ( the best denim i own)
and my countless other OV pieces
( did i mention the online store is now up? ) 
looks like ss13 will be working its way onto my body as well 


odyn vovk spring/summer 2013


modern day gypsies

i know 
recent fashion week shots you've seen on every other site
but let me explain -
these two from givenchy fall 2012. 
gypsies of southern italy.
these couldn't have hit my exterior mood any heavier.


instagram 7.5.12

maxime about to make the permanent mark • jeff elstone shooting sara samoiloff
 my new zana bayne cuff • a little feature in lash magazine 

follow - @dirtyflaws


the gypsy flies from coast to coast

the whole spring collection is a fucking win but this....
this little number takes the cake

friend of mine 2012



its always a plus when you're cleaning out your desktop and find some
random unnamed folder with a ton of incredible images you never used. ever.
so well start with this spread from interview back in april , 
jamie bochert and michael pitt
and not to mention a ton of ann d flying in that desert

interview magazine 4.12