calfskin side dreams

 photo Dirtyflawsboots_zps8e6def5e.jpg

 having a little moment with these cinzia aria kid fringe boots
( trying to have a PERMANENT 365 days a year moment happen - they are that good )



 photo standdirtyflaws1_zps8cb7f180.jpg
photos via corey parks / instagram

for months i have religiously checked the stand + deliver website 
waiting for the next collection to drop.
and after seeing this leather shoulder studded suspender number on barbara 
I'm starting to freak the fuck out . 
how sick is this piece?!
no wait fuck that 
how sick is EVERYTHING she's wearing?!


i was born way down in the deep deep south

ripped from fashion copious

never too early for a pretty big mouth.

amy hood • jonathan leder • count five



fashion. pause.

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just found this while on the DF tumblr 
and well....
its perfect.

yes I'm a repeat offender.
so nice i had to post it twice.



double chill

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valentines day is around the corner
and this year I'm my treating myself to k/ller collections claw heart necklace.
available in sterling or brass and as just as cold as your heart!




second/layer 2013

thanks for the tip austin x


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chelsea wolfe.
charlene bagcal.

all parties involved - this video is blowing my mind


ksubi AW13

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 photo 2-2_zps5710c449.jpg

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 photo 4-1_zps2cecdc91.jpg

 photo 3-1_zps5452185c.jpg

 photo 7_zpsd7c05764.jpg

 photo 9_zpsc4f10815.jpg
© darren mcdonald

ksubi autumn winter 2013.

fuck the little black dress.
its the season of the little printed number.
into this entire ksubi collection 



something wicked comes this way

 photo IMG_0897_zpse5e9e9e4.jpg
rick owens blister lambskin biker / dvf goat hair vest

now that is one serious bitch.

took a little 2 hour trip to see my friend photographer jason bafile 
- ended up with a few really rad shots in his studio.
its -3 and everybody is bitching about the weather but ill take it -
means i get to pile on 4 layers of fur and leather.
also , just so we are on the same page , that - ladies and gentlemen - 
is all my real hair in a super tight top bun.
i almost cant believe it myself.

thanks jason for the rad photos xx see you again soon dude !



fringe boner.

 photo df2_zps79b6f55a.jpg

is it weird that i want these barbara boner ginger fringed leather sleeves?
FUCK NO - are you kidding me?! 
wear them with a dirty t and jeans to go absolutely anywhere, dress them up or down, 
out on the town or around the corner for your early morning coffee run -
i don't believe in saving anything for a special occasion - 
every day is a special occasion. 
 so these would be wrecked. 
breakfast all up in that fringe . 



luxury 8 close up

 photo BLKDNMSD4_zpsc73f8387.jpg

 photo BLKDNMDF1_zps03842ebd.jpg

 photo BLKDNM2_zpse7998bae.jpg

 photo BLKDNMDF6_zpsab6e31e4.jpg

 photo BLKDNMDF3_zpsb1adc5af.jpg

dorothea barth jorgensen • © johan lindeberg • blk dnm


 photo VC2_zps9f3528a8.jpg

antler crossbody alligator leather?!!
beaver fur with fox tail?!
virtual window shopping on farfetch can lead to a heart attack 

victorious 22 is killing me - how come this is the first I'm hearing about them?!

victorious 22 

 photo VC1_zps6461fd0a.jpg

ghost in the machine

 photo BADF1_zpsa55e6cb3.jpg
dear tunnelvision - i have no idea how i came across you but am i glad i did.
these bad vibes vegan croc shorts have been entering my dreams for weeks
( along with the 20 degree temps and 3 feet of snow entering my day to day reality )
and with the amount of working out I've been doing my ass will thank me x
she pretty much already has and i don't even own them - yet.

its going to be one hell of a summer.


 photo BADF2_zps2e31911a.jpg


recent works

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 photo jpdf1_zpsb31699c5.jpg

 photo jpdf6_zps7a1ece57.jpg
photography © jeff p elstone

from down under.

 photo drawndirtyflaws2_zps51162e56.jpg

i virtually met jake over a year ago - drawn & quartered
and really cant speak highly enough of this dude. 
besides the obvious that he's an incredible fucking silversmith 
( and funny as hell ), he just gets it .
 and he TOTALLY nailed it with this necklace that landed around my neck yesterday.
i already wear my earth rings religiously on my middle finger 
so I'm beyond stoked that my d&q family is getting bigger and bigger.

shop drawn and quartered

 photo drawndirtyflaws1_zpsfba5724b.jpg
photos @dirtyflaws on instagram.

she's a little bit a full grown woman, she's a little bit of a child

 photo dirtyflawsdotcomboot_zps1f6e92a7.jpg

truth be told i have never purchased anything from zara
that i didn't immediately regret and return within 3 days.
sorry. not sorry.

but they had a sale that was hard to pass up 
and after prancing around the store like an asshole for over 20 minutes 
i thought these would look good with 90% of what i own.
i was right.
little bit country, little bit rock n roll?


 photo dfshoes3_zpsa97407a0.jpg

follow dirtyflaws on instagram 



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 photo AD2_zps0fc6dd2c.jpg

 photo AD3_zps3f7a38ed.jpg

 photo AD4_zpsdce031fe.jpg

 photo AD6_zps6be89bb2.jpg

she came , she saw , she conquered. 

ann demeulemeester fallwinter2013

photos via nowfashion.com


whip whip

 photo la-modella-mafia-Sexe-Mode-Rock-N-Roll-Camille-Rowe-x-Elle-France-Ndeg3496-December-2012-photographed-by-Max-Vadukul-5-1_zps2e60d2f4.jpg

 photo la-modella-mafia-Sexe-Mode-Rock-N-Roll-Camille-Rowe-x-Elle-France-Ndeg3496-December-2012-photographed-by-Max-Vadukul-3_zps8da8ce91.jpg

 photo la-modella-mafia-Sexe-Mode-Rock-N-Roll-Camille-Rowe-x-Elle-France-Ndeg3496-December-2012-photographed-by-Max-Vadukul-4_zpsae93ad52.jpg

 photo la-modella-mafia-Sexe-Mode-Rock-N-Roll-Camille-Rowe-x-Elle-France-Ndeg3496-December-2012-photographed-by-Max-Vadukul-6_zps6e0d8b2d.jpg

loving this editorial i spotted on la modella mafia 
elle france • decemeber 2012 • max vadukul


till the heavens stop the rain


h e a v e n .
pretty much the only way i see it.
( at least after surfing luisaviaromas recent gareth pughs ss13 collection )
hands down this is my favorite collection from gareth pugh.
i flipped when i watched the pieces walk down the runway and now
theres a slight chance in hell ( or heaven ) that i could own it - HA.
on that note - it would be a godsend to grow another 2 feet so i 
could fucking rule the world in the silk chiffon long train trousers.
( it would also be a godsend to have 2 grand to blow on a pair of pants 
but thats why this is MY heaven - because anything goes when your dreaming in the sky
 and have photoshop available at your fingertips . and did i mention a sense of humor?)

jim at the gates ( only makes sense ) 
and these babes floating around in ruffles, silk and fringe.


liquid dreams.

i could use one of these cynthia rowley flask bangles.
maybe even two.

go ahead and make that three.

cynthia rowley flask bangle 

dark side of the moon










bona drag / dark side of the moon
© olivia malone