and I think everything is going to be alright

 photo 2copy_zps1af4dd6d.jpg
jewelry - kller collection / sara samoiloff / vintage            pants - hudson       © jason bafile  

well this really did happen three weeks ago.
magenta w/ a tad of blood ox pink mink jacket .
reminding me sort of but nothing like this 
I'm into it - weird right? 
am i having a " you cant sit with us " moment?
i dont know y'all , i am really feeling it. 
looks pretty good in the closet next to the vintage black monkey fur coat
and rick owens blister lambskin biker. 
yes seriously.


 photo pinkdirtyflaws_zpsb4767b4d.jpg

for the record - pink is definitely not my new obsession. 
i just needed an excuse to post this video 
( would have posted that actual music video but you know that shit 
is on lockdown for viewing except on youtube )
say what you will - i love this song.



Emily Ulrich said...

Pink doesn't have to be an obsession to appreciate a fine form of it! :D Love the darker (near burgundy) tone of it. Great piece and great styling!


Angela said...

Where did he put his harmonica? LMAO! Good Shit!