she's a little bit a full grown woman, she's a little bit of a child

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truth be told i have never purchased anything from zara
that i didn't immediately regret and return within 3 days.
sorry. not sorry.

but they had a sale that was hard to pass up 
and after prancing around the store like an asshole for over 20 minutes 
i thought these would look good with 90% of what i own.
i was right.
little bit country, little bit rock n roll?


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Bani said...

awesome boots!

i'm the same way with zara... i'll always find something that i love when i'm in the store, but as soon as i get home, i always change my mind.

i swear the lighting in their change rooms make their clothes look better than in regular lighting


dirtyflaws said...

@bani - RIGHT?! fun house mirrors or something - every single time i by something i take it home and am like " what the hell was i thinking ? ". hahahaha