till the heavens stop the rain


h e a v e n .
pretty much the only way i see it.
( at least after surfing luisaviaromas recent gareth pughs ss13 collection )
hands down this is my favorite collection from gareth pugh.
i flipped when i watched the pieces walk down the runway and now
theres a slight chance in hell ( or heaven ) that i could own it - HA.
on that note - it would be a godsend to grow another 2 feet so i 
could fucking rule the world in the silk chiffon long train trousers.
( it would also be a godsend to have 2 grand to blow on a pair of pants 
but thats why this is MY heaven - because anything goes when your dreaming in the sky
 and have photoshop available at your fingertips . and did i mention a sense of humor?)

jim at the gates ( only makes sense ) 
and these babes floating around in ruffles, silk and fringe.

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Gina said...

I Love This!!!!! So Funny!