wednesday wolf.

vintage coat / hudson jeans / marsell boots

happy new year everybody.
so much good shit in store for 2013.
but lets start out with the fact that its 17 degrees outside ( couldn't be happier )
which means the vintage furs are now OUT and in full action!
i l o v e this winter wolf jam. 

really - who gives a shit about the rest of the outfit?! 

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Bani said...

i'm obsessed with fur

my mum has always collected furs, since she was a teen and she's been passing them down to me muahahaha

the best purchase i made this past year was a vintage designer fur coat that went down past my knees... it was only $45. i pretty much almost cried tears of joy that day


Angela said...

What a Beaute`

The Rosenrot | Gracia Ventus said...

Hot damn you always pull out the best furs. Also love your Rick turbo wedges.