all black everythaang.

 photo dirtyflawdjacket1_zpsd68adb7a.jpg

 photo chia1_zpsab18562c.jpg

 photo dirtyflawsjacket2_zps18521b01.jpg

the thrift gods have been watching over me 
and once again i have scored a ton of great pieces - 
including this chia black distressed leather fitted jacket 
with full fringe and snake embossed shoulders.
 the feel, the cut, man i love this jacket - 
and apparently so did the previous owner, this bad boy is worn down to the bone.
heres to the road ahead 


Angela said...

Nice silhouette. That jacket rules!

dirtyflaws said...

thanks Angela - its really an amazing fit xx

Unknown said...

Epic Jacket!
Very Lucky ♥

MH said...

i had this exact coat years ago... a sleeve got slashed so i ended up cutting along the angles of the fringe (essentially removing the sleeves altogether) to make it cape-like so i could continue to wear it. it's since changed hands, but man that jacket was killer! looks great on ya!