desert queen

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loving these shots by photographer kesler tran
with a taste of heyoka leather around the neck 



white rabbit

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gareth pugh from head to toe.

vogue latin america 
april 2013
© koray birand 
photo via fashiongonerogue



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about to jab a safety pin in my right ear to add my 6th hole 
 because i have GOT to make room for this

dominic jones • black gold snakehead banshee earrings •

in wonderland

"The film realises an emotive and visually striking interpretation of seduction, 
desire and anticipation, immersed in a world fueled by the poetry of dreams,
 opening a door to possibility. "

its been quite the week for jamie bochert on dirtyflaws , 
certinatly not apologizing.
adore this woman on every platform.
always a pleasure



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whatever jewelry 
 sterling silver pendant & earrings
available for private order


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the way i feel when i'm in your hands

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photos - vice.com

blkdnm, acne, ann ..... all the best threads...

because the night
jamie bochert 
vice magazine 3.2013
© samantha rapp


girl with the cobra snake earring

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sometimes you just feel like an updo.
( accompanied by my favorite ro blister lambskin leather and a grab bag mix of earrings. ) 


wanted woman

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 after last nights major love explosion over jordan betten, 
i spent the morning checking through archives of anything that contained a bit of his touch.
super stoked when i came across this vogue paris mega spread from 2011.
old is new again


photos via TFS
vogue paris
april 2011
photography © david sims
model  - isabeli fontana 


jordan betten

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thanks to chisal.tumblr for the bag tip xx

this is why i love fashion.
new york based jordan betten began his leather journey back in 97 with a bag called the road
and now is destroying the game with these hand crafted  
insanely sick fringe pants as part of his women's collection.
no surprise collectors of this brand include the
ridiculously bad ass lenny kravitz and rock legend steven tyler. 

in my recent interview with opus label 
i mentioned two essential parts of my wardrobe:
leather and fur.
hey jordan betten ! 
we really need to talk .



black sand.

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harpers bazaar australia april 2013
© simon upton


diana matias line

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photography © rita lino

glistening cuts with a dab of leather
really feeling every bit of diana matias ss13 collection line

golden x 2

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really doesn't matter temperature, season or occasion.
forever in boots.

golden goose  / young cowboy / ssense

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