top stitch

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leading on the head of the birthday wish list

toga top stitch ankle boots

rabbit heart

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twin magazine #8
rabbit heart
© lachlan bailey



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photos via TFS

numero thailand may 2013
© emilie moysson

mistress of all evil

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photos via sotbm blog / tfs

mistress of all evil
l'officiel italia february 2013
© alessandro dal buoni 


brandy row live

love this video my friend sebastian shot at thecast
durning record store day !

if you are not familiar with the raddest shop in new york city, 
get into it.

ann saturday

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stinking gorgeous saturday!
perfect time to break out and dust off the ole 
ann demeulemeester leather hat i scored on super sale from ln-cc awhile back.
dont think she's ever leaving my head


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TI in gods

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titania inglis
gods magazine / issue 2
photography © kasia bielska
model - nykhor paul


raven steals the sun

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photography © jeff p elstone
scarves / wraps - taiana design 
headpieces - selina elkuch
model - michelle @muse



another road

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FW 2013 2014

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