Ear stretching kits and ear spirals are two great things to have while stretching your ears!

Ear stretching kits can be very helpful, much cheaper than buying multiple tapers separately, and the kits give you all of the supplies you need to stretch your ears to the size that you are aiming for. The ear stretching kits are very helpful to have during your ear stretching journey.
Ear stretching kits come with all of the tools that you need to stretch your ears. Some kits will come with a set of four or five tapers, some will come with a set of tapers and a set of plugs, and others will come with eight or nine tapers and a pair of plugs for you to use after that final stretch.

Something great that UrbanBodyJewelry.com has come out with is 1g (7mm) and 9mm tapers! If you have previously stretched your ears using a proper ear stretching kit or have done a lot of research, you will know that the stretch from a 0g plug to a 00g plus is actually 2mm which is a big stretch. They have the 9mm tapers available just like the ones in this picture
 photo ScreenShot2013-05-26at71258PM_zps2dee166e.png

This will help you safely stretch your lobes easily, without using tape!
Now speaking of tapers, you may think about ear spirals. They are a great piece of jewelry that actually look just like tapers that are spiraled in a circle. While spirals are an awesome decorative piece of jewelry, they aren’t meant to be used when stretching. Spiral plugs are “tapered” at the ends. If you get a pair of 1 /2” spirals (the biggest size spirals are normally made), only the middle of the taper will be a half inch. Therefore if you were to stretch with the spiral, it would move around and result in a very uneven stretch. This could lead to your ear lobes having uneven pressure put on them or cause them to stretch unsafely.

With that said, spirals are definitely an awesome piece of jewelry to wear! They give the ear a very unique look. Not only are your ear lobes stretched but they have this contraption of jewelry in them that looks amazing. They have these awesome patterned spirals that will give the ear a unique look along with plain black spirals that are a little more plain but will still make your lobes look great!

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-26at71444PM_zps4f6f1639.png photo ScreenShot2013-05-26at71731PM_zps5bccd15b.png

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