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johan lindebergs rose print is the background to my phone and my laptop.
now I'm trying to bring it to the foreground on my body.

blk dnm
silk white rose shirt
available at forward forward

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kenza fourati in montauk
photography © johan lindeberg


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 photo DF2_zps1f175cce.jpg

 photo DF1_zps63cfef90.jpg

fw13 collection



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 photo DIRTYFLAWS11_zps91905e35.jpg

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second / layer ss13


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 photo EP1_zps01e7312c.jpg

 photo EP3_zpsaf898168.jpg

 photo EP5_zpsb018e4ca.jpg

photography © emma tempest
stylist - verity parker
model - josephine letutor

python skin

 photo CT_zps7c992ff6.jpg
my reaction when i saw this photo on instagram :
h o l y s h i t

year of the snake jacket & hannah python skinnies
courtshop x veda collaboration fw13

black treads

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 photo GQ3_zps76386ee0.jpg

 photo GQ5_zpsd41e587f.jpg

 photo GQ10_zpsb123fa39.jpg

 photo GQ0_zpsac69da30.jpg

gq russia 08.2013
photography © david roemer



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saint laurent biker jacket
net a porter

| manifest |

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 photo DIRTYFLAWSC_zps4f7db816.jpg

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perfect neutrals. 

manifest fw1213


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occasionally people ask me what makeup i wear and to be honest besides foundation 
i try to keep it real simple with the lash, liner, lips = BOOM routine.
however last week i bought the items above and i cant praise them enough so i thought
i would share some of my not so secret, I'm probably real fucking late on how awesome these are , products 

nars smudge proof pro primer
H O L Y S H I T a fucking god send . 
since moving from the city to the country, i have developed this really rad thing called allergies. 
sike, it fucking sucks.
my eyes are constantly watering , making it damn near impossible to do a cat eye.
(sometimes i can make it an entire hour with my eye makeup in place - IF I'm lucky)
primer on the lid, corners and underneath the eye - makeup glue.
my eyes have stayed perfect everyday, ever since.
100% completely sold on this being the greatest primer in all makeup land. 
•purchase here•

make up for ever mist & fix 
this was one of those impulse purchases in the little plastic clear boxes before the register at sephora. i thought what the hell , my makeup mostly looks like shit by the end of a 4-5 hour bar night, maybe its the booze, maybe its me, who knows - lets try it. wow - what a fucking difference. spray once , rock n roll , came home this morning and my face looked just as good as when i left the night before. 
purchase here

make up for ever smokey extravagant *new*
i've wanted real 70s playboy lashes forever. 
• purchase here •

kat von d tattoo liner 
i was told it was " the darkest pen eyeliner ever " - its pretty fucking solid , and the fine point tip makes it create the smoothest liner finish. i dig.
•purchase here•



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costume national fall 2013 ads
julia frauche & lyle lodwick
photography © glen luchford


 photo fp02_zps5cc5f8dd.jpg

melbourne crossbody | freepeople.com 

 photo fp0_zps15416c8b.jpg


| met |

 photo JCDF2_zps42cf2212.jpg

 photo JCFD12_zps8bcb94fd.jpg

 photo JCDF10_zpsbe75e462.jpg

 photo JCDF8_zps0ac6835e.jpg

 photo JCDF9_zps132a317f.jpg

 photo JCDF5_zps0c416e5c.jpg

 photo JCDF12_zps47e21d51.jpg

 photo JCDF13_zps76842bce.jpg
dress by john ciamillo 

emily carter at the met
photography © john ciamillo