montyxramirez wedding

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sunday afternoon i saw true love united 
with two women i hold extremely dear to my heart.

my excitement for natalia and ondriona is beyond words.
( something I'm rarely short of )

thank you for letting me share in your moment.
love you both to the moon & back 


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speaking of moments - I'm really into stone cold fox. 
and i was a thicker puppy 7 months ago when this dress was purchased and now it fits like a fucking tent.
i know i should be HELL YA TO WORKING OUT but god damn i gotta get this fixed haha 

stone cold fox black onyx gown 
rick owens sandle wedges


Annie said...

heyy where are your tattoo designs from? selfmade, or by tattooist or inspired by something?

cool subtle black magic vibe, yet not too teengothsanatistic or anything.

dirtyflaws said...

@Annie - The piece on my leg by Maxime Buchi was his design with a collaborative touch on my part ( i.e. the moose skull for obvious reasons ) but he deserves all the credit there x its fucking incredible

- no religion, hidden meanings, or any bullshit behind any of my tattoos - they are what they are are face value and i hope it never falls in the category teengothsanatistic because that sounds fucking awful hahaah.

Betty said...

I love the wedding dress!! Do you know the designer?

dirtyflaws said...

@Betty - i dont off hand but when the girls return from their honeymoon ill ask :)