59 seconds

of pure radness.

always love for tasya van ree

the vine as natures bondage

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photos via nowfashion.com

bondage watering cans and leather roses.
absolutely gorgeous . 
big love girl 

Z A N A  B A Y N E
S P R I N G / S U M M E R  2 0 1 4


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photography © maxime ballesteros 

dont shoot the messengers

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nowfashion managed to capture some incredible close ups from the junywa watanabe show  

such a beautiful collection -
i can't shake it - really riding hard on the leathers, fringe and feathers 


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in case anyone has a spare $29k lying around ,
 ssense just dropped this rick owens black alligator & python leather biker jacket.

slap me down on that tooled leather

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just one more thing to add to my list of " shit i need from the hideout " :

crazyheart leather goods - now available at the heyoka hideout


spirit ranch

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old gringo spirit ranch boots

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JW S14

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 photo WAT_00571366x2048_zps502f75d4.jpg

yeah thats a wrap. 
paris fashion week has been s h u t d o w n.
everyone pack up their shit and go home.
junya watanabe - ultimate shredder.

junya watanabe spring 2014

a sentence without spaces

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i- d fall 2013
photography © willy vanderperre

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HA S14

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haider ackermann | spring 2014


rough house

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vogue china | 10.2013
photography © daniel jackson