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weekend recap :

friday november 1st marked dirtyflaws first curated event in pittsburgh pa 
sponsored by zana bayne leather. 

i would like to take this time to personally thank everyone who who came through, 
introduced themselves, had a hand in any way to make this happen.
especially to the woman whose exterior umbrella 
we were all under for the evening - zana bayne  .
it was incredible to meet people who have followed the blog for years and have had zanas pieces on their wish list since the beginning. the response was extremely positive and overwhelming - wouldn't have had it any other way.
i'd also like to make note that we shared the evening with another talented fine artist , 
bonnie gloris whose goregous illustrations graced the walls. 
the atmosphere was nothing short of perfect


zana bayne leather

models : 
rachel green
lydia gregory
courtney menzler
adrienne rozzi
betsy wack

frances sand

shana lohr

sean hamilton

artisan tattoo gallery

food artist
jon beck

full pint brewing

over the next week there will be post highlights of all the incredibly talented people involved ,
 as well as plenty of photos from the evening.

thank you pittsburgh
it feels good to be back 


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photos © @dirtyflawsss on instagram

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see more photos of this event.
Looks amazing!