artisan piercing boutique

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there is a folder that sits on my desktop kindly labeled " shit i want "
not shit i need , or shit i cant live without ..... just shit i want.
in that folder sits a three year old photo of a triple helix ear piercing.
finally, 3 years later, shit i want turned into shit i have.

over the weekend i cruised on into the city to see twitch, 
who came highly HIGHLY recommended by friends in the pittsburgh area .
overall, i couldn't be happier with my experience at the artisan piercing shop
( located on the third floor of artisan tattoo ).
i don't know the first thing about piercings and twitch gave me 
the a - z on cleaning, healing and everything in between .
quick and pretty painless experience with a beautiful end result !

need more proof this crew knows what they're doing?
instagram : @artisanpiercingboutique & @false_mrsa

thanks again dude !


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