Photography gives us the chance to own moments.

There is only one way to own a moment. Get it captured by the camera and make it yours for a long time. Photography is the art of bringing out tiny fractures of time, that for some reason were chosen to be immortalized. People make the decision of what specific moment should be captured, when the camera should get fixed and where the photograph should be taken. The photographer is the one who directs the process in the best possible way. The result has to be always like it was planned. It has to be perfect. The photographs are memories and they should be perfect not in the sense of beauty but in the sense of reflecting the real event just like it was. Painting is all about imagination, photography on the other side is all about authenticity. A photographer has to work with the genuine sights of our life. When photographing the hot city, the Miami photographer should show its hotness in the realest way, when photographing a tulip field in Holland, a photographer should make those flowers look like they really are, magic and at the same time super real, despite the fact that the tulips can look like plastic, because they are so colorful and flawless. That is how you get to make a difference between a painting and a photograph. The photograph is real, it is life. Photographers work with people and get pictures of their facial expressions, in a way, no other art does. The portraits are more about emotions than about appearances. There is no lipstick in this world that can eclipse the glance, every human has. Our eyes are the mirrors of our souls. The camera is aimed to capture first of all the look we give, because it is always full of tenderness and different soulful colors. Actually our eyes are our cameras, except that what we get to capture is moments, which are gone within milliseconds, what the camera seizes is a memory that can be ours forever only by printing it and taking care of it. Every time someone admires a photograph, the moment that is captured in it becomes theirs. There is nothing wrong in sharing your memory and letting it be someone else’s too. This is what life is all about and this is why the photography exists. It gives us the chance to own a moment for a long time or just 

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