dirtyflaws curated event : dominic louis

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dominic louis
archive presentation

curated by dirtyflaws

saturday february 15th 2014
7 - 9 pm

artisan gallery
5001 penn ave 
pittsburgh pa 15224

Born and raised in the greater Philadelphia area, Louis Mairone began his fashion career at FIT’s Precollege Workshop, where he later continued his studies.  He received his degree in menswear in 2008 then graduated  from intern to designer at local design house, DDCLAB. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Mairone embarked on the launch of his own line, Dominic Louis-inspired by the androgenous subculture of New York City. The brand has moved on to flourish and is now carried in 5 of the world’s most forward-thinking boutiques.   Along with dressing celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz, Trent Reznor, Vanessa Hudgens and Lauryn Hill, Louis Marione was invited back to FIT to attend their accelerated Masters Program, DENYC. Having graduated from the program in September 13’, he continues to evolve and curate his brand.  

Dominic Louis is a women’s clothing and lifestyle brand, domestically produced with a strong menswear influence.  The concept has grown from dream to reality in a full collection that will emotionally inspire the client in their everyday life.  The idea is to offer a new idea of dressing and instill a common power of confidence, as well as the same passion and determination that went into the collection. With the use of modern design technology and the most exotic materials in the world, Dominic Louis offers design and quality.  He leaves the client with a building block, allowing their wardrobe to evolve for their personal needs on their journey of life.

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