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The world premiere of a new live homage 
to the songs and music from 
David Lynch’s films

From the romantic songs of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, 
to the violence of iconic scenes in Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart or Lost Highway, 
sound is a vital component of David Lynch’s films –
 it’s in the wind, in the air, and in the people’s thoughts; 
his carefully chosen songs conveying his characters’ mental states.

Lynch’s songbook includes original versions by Roy Orbison, David Bowie, Chris Isaak, 
Samuel Barber, Marilyn Manson and Elvis Presley. 
 In Dreams brings together a stellar cast 
of singers to reinterpret these classic songs.

His partnership with composer Angelo Badalamenti gave birth 
to one of the most celebrated soundtracks ever created for television – 
as viewers around the globe asked themselves ‘who killed Laura Palmer?’ 
to the ethereal tones of Julee Cruise’s voice.

Immerse yourself into the mood and atmosphere of Lynch’s universe, 
with landmark instrumental tracks and exciting new versions of songs from his films, 
performed by a superb band assembled and led by musical director David Coulter –
 last seen on the Barbican stage in Beck: Song Reader Live and Rain Dogs Revisited.

‘Sound is almost a drug. It’s so pure that when it goes in your ears, 
it instantly does something to you’ David Lynch

Age guidance 13+

The band
David Coulter original concept, musical and artistic direction,
 saw, percussions and other instruments
Terry Edwards horns
Thomas Bloch cristal baschet, ondes martenot, glass harmonica
David Okumu guitar
Tom Herbert bass
Seb Rochford drums

- barbican.org.uk

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