Realm is a fashion film and fashion shoot written few months ago 
by Madeleine N., art director and 
production designer of Black Madeleine Studio , 
based in Sardinia and Florence and 
by NY based photographer and filmmaker Jeff P. Elstone.
It's a project that involves photographers, filmmakers, 

professional theatre actors, costume designers, 
scenographers, models and musicians. Jarboe, 
singer from legendary band SWANS, 
and prolific solo artist has signed the original music of the video trailer. 
It's the story of a royal family from the ancient world, 
possibly the Nuragics (pre historical sardinian civilization), 
with an atmoshpere that recalls of Shakespeare's King Lear. 
The protagonist is a feminine deity, 
precisely a priestess that embodies this deity, the Mater Matuta , 
goddess of dawn, or the even older Great Mother, 
worshiped by the Nuragics and traceable
in most of the mediterrean ancient civilizations.


Photographed and filmed by Jeff P. Elstone
Written by Black Madeleine and Jeff P. Elstone
Art Direction and Set Design: Black Madeleine
Original Costumes and Headpieces: Jenni Hensler NY
Fashion Editor: Black Madeleine
Make up and Hair: Tosi Cortese
Actors: Claudio Laconi: The King, Enrico Firpo: The Priest
Models: Isak Julin, Barbara Sorcic, Maxine Anastasia
The kids: Leone L. and Nicole C.
Special thanks to: Sara N, Edoardo S. and Franca S.
Fashion by: InAisce, Titania Inglis, Barbara i Gongini, Eleanor Amoroso.

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