29 & feelin' fine.

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head to toe black on black on black for my first day of
" 29 and feelin' fine "

i know leather and that brutal summer sun are a deadly combination
but these made for pearl cry shorts are wicked hot. 
spotted them on the web awhile back and was waiting to take the plunge -
so glad i snagged them up. 
a massive double thumbs up to 
free people for some of the best basics i've purchased in years.
this is just one of many i loaded up on for california
- a little under 2 weeks till that west coast sunshine - 
big love and thank you for all the birthday well wishes yesterday 

free people high neck seamless crop
made for pearl cry leather shorts
zana bayne leather harness
jewelry - k/ller colletion
made for pearl
skydog jewelry
uno de 50
sara samoiloff  
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@dirtyflawsss on instagram 

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xe said...

Happy birthday, I love this blog and you look amazing!