b o y a r o v s k a y a

b o y a r o v s k a y a


dirty beauty

b a l m a i n
h a i r   i n d u l g e n c e

because i have yet to be completely satisfied 
with any of the hair products i have
purchased in the last twelve months, 
this was really a shot in the dark score 
yesterday at dallas beauty lounge. 
revitalizing shampoo and leave in conditioning spray down, 
i am very satisfied with the results in just one use. 
if the argan moisturizing elixar and 
session spray are anything 
like the other two products, 
i'm fucking sold.


all purchased at dallas beauty lounge in bridgeville pa.

photos © dirtyflaws

e l l e r y

e l l e r y 
fall 2018