j i l s a n d e r 
resort 2019

tipped off

c a l v i n k l e i n

white kadence sandals


raise hell [ kvd brows ]

b r o w s.
the only brows i care about our my own.
you like yours ultra thin? right on.
you like one instead of two? i can dig it.
personally, i like mine on a dangerous curve.

when i was 14 i was introduced to tweezers and honestly, 
the rest is history ( much like 70% of my brows ). 
so yes i am fucking siked that a brand i already
love and trust on my face sent me the brow box of my dreams.

when i first saw kat and the team were putting together a brow kit,
i lost my fucking mind. if any makeup product really pertains to me on a regular bases, 
it is a brow pencil and the tools that help guide that arch into the high heavens.

kat - you did it again.
fucking untouchable in the beauty industry


all photos © dirtyflaws.com
( detailed product photos courtesy of katvondbeauty.com)


bw murphy [ n s f w ]

c a r o l y n m u r p h y
© thomas slack
inprint #6