juun.j spring 18

spring 18


ann d spring 18.

a n n   d e m e u l e m e e s t e r
spring 18


h.a. 18

h a i d e r   a c k e r m a n n 
spring 18


m o n o c r a f f t

‘i like to see my jewelry as sort of talismans that protect you on the big journey called life. that’s why i call them soldiers. the most important thing in life is doing what you love and i feel fortunate to do so. i hope my monocrafft soldiers will conquer the world with their pretty faces and people will love them just as much as t do.’ - merrel westhoff, founder & creative director.

m o n o c r a f f t


pleasure target.

photos via the fashionspot
032c summer 17
bella hadid
styling - mel ottenberg
photography © collier schorr


numéro berlin #2

numéro berlin no.2
photography © amanda charchian
creative director - macs iotti
fashion editor/stylist - erika kurihara & mar peidro