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threesome stingers

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guilty pleasure - nails. nail art. nail designs. 
whatever you want to call it.
and while i don't get as ballsy as most , with jewels and full designs, 
i always try to switch it up on the ombre tip.

just got the stingers shortened 
and did a threesome colorway in 
black leather nail effects by nails inc
over the taupe & nude by opi

@dirtyflawsss on instagram

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adoptive ink

"somebody's always got your back"

scott campbell : adoptive ink


zana bayne | ss14

 photo df1_zps80c7ca47.jpg

 photo df4_zps54940b2d.jpg

 photo df5_zpsbd6af089.jpg

 photo df3_zpseba7fe88.jpg

 photo df6_zps7b8604be.jpg

zana bayne ss 2014

photography © char alfonzo
model - martine lindskjold


martine II. ( NSFW )

because i love bringing you NSFW material on the last day of the work week 

i've been keeping tabs on martine lindskjold since finding her back in june 
and have regularly gone back to one management for a daily dose.

with the exception of erin wasson, 
i rarely geek out on models - 
but i've got this woman on super radar.
the greatest bad bitch , blonde bunny combo.
i couldn't decide which of her most recent work i liked the best - 
so fuck it, its all going up 


 photo DF1_zpsb57eee70.jpg

 photo DF3_zps05856927.jpg

 photo DF10_zpsf06b35c2.jpg

 photo DF6_zps28f9a5b7.jpg

 photo DF11_zps81134585.jpg

 photo DF5_zpscf237469.jpg

 photo DF2_zpsb6aa3b4a.jpg


palms down

 photo HANDMADE_zps0b85ebee.jpg

eight of swords tattoo
115 grand street brooklyn new york
friday july 26th 2013
7- 10pm

sponsored by a group of solid dudes I've known for awhile - feltraiger 



 photo DF1_zps4dc817bd.jpg

 photo TAM_zps2ab56ac6.jpg

b r a i d s | wearing k/ller collection lateral brass quill  and ovate ax necklace 

 photo df10_zpsd55c0996.jpg

 photo df9_zpsba977f52.jpg

 photo df2_zpsf3af6c74.jpg
all photos © dirtyflawsss on instagram 

snuck into the concrete jungle for 48 hours only for 
wedding weekend !

and just before my two gal pals tie the knot, 
i took a quick trip to three kings tattoo in brooklyn
to FINALLY get tamara santibanez hands permantnly on my skin.
not only did she do one hell of a job on my arm, 
she surprised me ( and left me completely speechless in the shop )
with her own df touch on a sick black leather vest.
this chics talent is un fucking believable
( not to mention has pretty rad taste ! )
you can find her 
here and here aaaaaaand here 



purple DIARY .1

 photo MXDF5_zps713b00c2.jpg

 photo MXDF3_zps9713cc39.jpg

 photo MXDF2_zps8012e9ab.jpg

 photo MXDF1_zpsde3e1736.jpg
© olivier zahm

early saturday morning on purple diary and spotting
the incredible work of my friend maxime buechi on lucy newmans gams  -
her flamingo & crow leg is fucking insane 
when is this dude not killing it?


maxime buechi x stylelikeu

maxime buechi - the hands behind my entire right leg. 
a leg which has had me followed for blocks because some dude 
saw it on the internet and wanted to see it in real life. 
hey, I’m not complaining. 
I’m absolutely in love with it and really into his recent sit down with stylelikeu.


instagram 7.5.12

maxime about to make the permanent mark • jeff elstone shooting sara samoiloff
 my new zana bayne cuff • a little feature in lash magazine 

follow - @dirtyflaws


because every boobie needs a hand

couldn't think of a better reason to get tattooed

saturday april 21st
thicker than water
181 avenue b
new york 





© alexandre dieval / omahyra mota & mecca / sang bleu 5


palais royal

obsessed with this spread . her . the fur. is there anything i'm missing?

© adrian wilson // head to toe rick owens // model jessica love // sangbleu online feature


the private life and permanent passion.

a year ago this january i added yet another tattoo onto my body,
along side various illustrations and a giant circut board -
the one some have dubbed as "the most hideous in runway history".
eric eaton had no idea what i handed to him but he did a fantastic job none the less

always joking " if i ever meet gareth pugh what the fuck am i going to say to him about this"
but really , what are the odds of that happening?

well we all now how that played out .

hands down the best night of my life.

the new ss2010 collection now available at luisaviaroma with an unexpected
silhouette graphic of perfection.
and yet again, mens exceeding.

can we talk about this ring?